If you know of an unused or silent instrument…
Let it make music again!

Pass the Music On is a special program designed to help bands and orchestras in underprivileged schools in the greater Baltimore and DC metropolitan area.

How can YOU help?

Kids and communities make a difference for schools in need by donating used music instruments. Instruments and funds collected by Pass The Music On will be donated to Music 4 More, a nonprofit that redistributes instruments and resources to area school music programs.


We need YOU to make a difference in a fellow musician’s life!
Remember how much you love music? Here’s your chance to share your passion, and help another kid!


You’ve ensured your child has music in their life, help them give to those who don’t have it.
Music instruction is an important part of any quality education program. Help children with limited access by making music a part of their lives.

What’s Happening:

March 29 – June 2011, musicians and kids of all ages will GIVE in two ways:

  • Bring gently used band and orchestra instruments to your local Music & Arts store, or school drop-off location
  • Make an online monetary contribution (students, check with your parents first!)

ALL instruments and 100% of monetary donations directly serve music programs of local schools in need.

Who’s involved?

Founded by Music & Arts and YesKidzCan! in support of Music 4 More and sponsored by Yamaha Corporation of America, Pass the Music On was developed to inspire young people to share their song, and help others find one. It’s the best in our kids, calling out the best in others.

Why Music?

The advantages of music education are widely recognized: musicianship cultivates self-expression, confidence and skill building. Concentration, team-building, and improved academic performance are among the benefits. We all know our economy has impacted schools; music programs everywhere have been affected. Pass the Music On provides a chance to make a positive difference - for the schools receiving and the schools giving.