If you know of an unused or silent instrument…
Let it make music again!

What is Pass the Music On?

Pass the Music On is a community service campaign that encourages schools and communities in the greater Baltimore and DC metropolitan areas to donate gently used band and orchestra instruments or make an online financial contribution. Instruments and funds go to area school music programs in need. Pass the Music On is founded by Music & Arts and YesKidzCan! in support of Music 4 More and sponsored by the Yamaha Corporation of America.

Why Should I Donate Instruments and Funding?

If you love music, here’s your chance to share your passion and help another kid. Many kids do not have access to band and orchestra instruments. It is important to change this because music education has been shown to have numerous benefits. These include greater self-expression, confidence and skill building, concentration, team-building, and improved academic performance among others.

What Kinds of Instruments Can I Donate?

These include gently used band and orchestra instruments except electronics, amps and digital keyboards, timpani, keyed percussion, harps, harmonica, accordion, African hand drums, timpani, bells and glockenspiel.

When Can I Donate?

Pass the Music On begins April 1, 2011 and runs through June, 15, 2011.

Where Should I Donate My Instruments?

If you live in the Greater Baltimore and DC metropolitan areas, take your band and orchestra instruments to your neighborhood Music & Arts store. You can find a listing here. Or, see if your school has set up a drop-off location. If you do not live in this area, mail your instrument to Music 4 More, P.O. Box 44601, Baltimore, MD 21236.

How Do I Make a Financial Donation?

It’s easy. Visit Pass the Music On‘s safe and secure online donation page.

Are Donations Tax Deductible?

Instruments and monetary donations are tax deductible. Tax forms are available online or in Music & Arts stores.

Who Will Receive the Instruments and Funding?

Instruments and funds collected by Pass the Music On will be donated to Music 4 More, a nonprofit organization that redistributes instruments and resources to area school music programs.

Will All the Donations Go to the Selected Schools?

100% of all instruments and funding will go to the identified school music programs.

When Will School Music Programs Receive Donations?

Instruments will be refurbished over the fall and distributed during the Winter of 2011.

Can I Participate If My School Is Not Involved?

Yes! Neighborhood Music & Arts stores in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. are collecting instruments from the community. Search for a store where you can drop off your instrument, or visit this page to make a financial contribution. You can also mail your instrument to Music 4 More, P.O. Box 44601, Baltimore, MD 21236.

Do I Receive Anything for Participating?

We hope that you participate because it is important to help out fellow musicians and kids who want to learn to play an instrument but who don’t have access to one. However, to encourage participation as well as school and community spirit, the # top schools that turn in the most instruments will receive.

Can I Get Creative with How I Participate?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to do so. Check out the Ideas section for ways that students, teachers, and schools can add extra creativity and fun to this effort.

Who Do I Contact for More Information?

For more information, call 301-620-4040 x1240 or email Pass the Music On at questions@passthemusicon.org.

Who is Music and Arts?

Music and Arts, a division of Guitar Center Stores and the nation’s largest school music retailer, has served students, teachers, and families through retail stores and educational representatives since 1952. Based in Frederick, Maryland, the company specializes in instrument rentals, music lesson, and band and orchestra instrument sales. Music & Arts has over 100 retail locations in 20 states.

Who is YesKidzCan!?

YesKidzCan! is an online volunteer resource dedicated to helping parents, educators and community/faith leaders engage kids in community service by providing easy and convenient ideas and tools to make giving back fun, memorable, and something kids want to continue throughout their lives.

Who is Music 4 More?

Music 4 More is a nonprofit organization that provides financial and in-kind resources to sustain and foster under-funded music programs in schools and communities across the United States. Music 4 More strives to make music education available to all children with the belief that through music education, students become well-rounded and emotionally and intellectually mature adults.

Who is Yamaha Corporation of America?

Yamaha Corporation of America offers a full line of musical instruments and is a leading producer of audio/visual products. One of Yamaha’s distinguishing features is its strong commitment to promoting and supporting music education and popularization.