If you know of an unused or silent instrument…
Let it make music again!

EASY WAYS to Get The Music Out!

KIDS Passing it On!

  • Hang Posters
  • Pass out campaign postcards
  • Talk to your parents, teachers, and principal!
  • Tell your friends, school, stores, and faith groups!


  • Set up your school drop-off location and add it to school posters
  • Offer students free homework or tardy passes - or other ideas!
  • How about a little friendly competition? Which classes can collect the most?
  • Games! Host a Pass the Music On trivia contest!
  • Social Science Experiment, anyone? This may be an interesting project!


  • Organize an instrument collection drive with friends or in your clubs!
  • Challenge other schools, and agree on an incentive (the principal has to dress as the rival school’s mascot, teachers dress in rival school’s colors, etc)


  • Let the media know- call attention to your school or clubs service by alerting local radio, television, newspapers and online outlets!
  • Make announcements wherever you can!

Have your own ideas about Passing the Music On? Let us know on Facebook or tell your teachers and parents!

Schools with established music programs have fewer discipline problems, better attendance, and higher graduation rates. Make a difference: Give a kid the chance to play!